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There is definitely something wrong with my brain

Not much doing lately. Yesterday, I had a day off to get my EEG done. It was actually kinda fun, except for the blow-on-this-pinwheel-for-three-minutes thing. That was actually kinda hard. But! All those electrodes attached to my head- I was Borg Queen for a Day! =D I'll be getting the results back in a few days, or so I was told.

Also, these are hysterical, especially if you watch them successively (Warning: audio, and it's really much funnier with the audio):

Epic Geordi Maneuver 1
Epic Geordi Maneuver 2
Yet another Epic Geordi Maneuver
Epic Data Maneuver
(Semi) Epic Picard Maneuver
Geordi escapes YTMND with an Epic Maneuver
Tags: epilepsy, ytmnd

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