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Home Again

We're back! ::waves::

Hrm- so, the best way I can summarize recent events is thus: the wedding and the visit to Pittsburgh were great. Visiting with my family, however, was a mixed bag. Details behind the cut, but I won't fault you for not wanting to delve into that mess.

The good first: our ceremony was short and sweet, and the weather cooperated. In fact, just after Remy and I were pronounced husband and wife, the clouds broke and there was some serious sunshine for a few minutes. Afterward, we met up with a bunch of friends at the bar Remy's landlord owns. Private party with chips and salsa and cake and champagne and Manhattan Special, and we got to watch Star Trek IV on the big-screen. w00t! After that, several of us went to Zero Gravity for some laser tag. Cheryl and I elected to simply watch the boys duke it out, which was in itself massively entertaining, but next time we go there, I'm playing. I just wasn't feeling up to it at the time (more on that later). Best thing I heard all day came from Sam: "Congratulations. You married a giant five year-old." Damn straight, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Headed to Pittsburgh with my folks the next day. In Pittsburgh, I got my much-needed fix of Eat 'n Park and Stillers n'at. A lot of stuff has changed, but a lot of it is still very familiar. It was really nice visiting with mqstout and Joey and Angela, and we also ran into the other Angela I knew in high school, her family, and Dave, someone I knew from my Pitt CompSci courses (completely random encounter at the downtown Kaufmann's).

Of course, visiting always leaves me feeling very torn. I like Albany, but there are certain things about Pittsburgh- the skyline, no sales tax on clothes, and most especially, the people I know there- that I miss a lot. I also kinda missed riding the T, for chrissakes. That's bad.

Anyway, about the family mixed-baggedness? Yeah- well, Friday night, we met up with my parents and showed them around Albany and had Greek food, and everything seemed to go really well. But later, as is often the case, Mom's disapproval with every facet of my post-high school life shone through. She told me, in not so many words, that I was making a mistake, that my apartment was a shithole, and that I'd "lowered" myself by moving to Albany. (Well, excuse me for not having amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars two years after college with which to buy a goddamn mansion. She seems to have forgotten that at the time I was born, she and my dad were living in a one-bedroom university apartment in Arkansas, paragon of civilization.)

I was expecting something along those lines- really, there's not one independent decision I make that she doesn't find some fault with- but not at the time she decided it was a good idea to tell me all this. That time was not five minutes before the wedding- and she repeated the refrain during my reception, any time I tried to talk to her. Talk about killing the mood. The rest of my wedding day was tainted by that, as much as I tried to brush it off and enjoy myself. So, if I seemed at all pensive at the reception and/or at laser tag, that's why. I didn't tell Remy what was bothering me until much later, because I didn't want to spoil the day for him. He made me feel better about it, but still, my mom's piss-poor timing and lack of tact really stings. I was mad enough that I almost called off going to Pittsburgh the next day.

End rant. I don't want to be angry or depressed, but that's what I'm trending toward right now; thinking about this stuff tore off the scab, and it's not like my medication is going to let me get over it easily. There were definitely good parts about seeing my family, though- like that Friday night when everyone seemed happy enough, being able to crash at my parents', having ready access to the Mercedes (the car I was never allowed near) for driving anywhere I wanted to go, having a ride to the airport at 4:00 AM, and watching SNL's Best of Chris Farley with my sister.

Meanwhile, the most recent Doctor Who was by far the best of the season so far. We've watched it twice and it made me teary-eyed both times. Great sci-fi and great drama, can't ask for much more.

Also, I got a book on Ruby and have been learning more about it. Crazy-ass language, but it does really neat things. =)
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