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Less than 48 hours

Okay, so now the jitteryness/reality is starting to hit. It's definitely a good jittery, not an ohmygodHIDE jittery, but I know it's going to be hellish teaching tomorrow. Whether I mean to or not, I'll be rushing to get the students out as early as possible so we can start our vacation and meet up with my parents. Why the fuck am I teaching the day before I get married, anyway? I don't know either.

At least we're doing everything so low-key that there's no worries about "What if this falls through?" or "What if that doesn't happen?" Even more low-key than wedding zero! But unlike marriage zero, my first marriage is not going to break down after two months. I am confident of this.

...What? Programmers start counting from zero.

I don't see anything dramatically changing after Saturday, aside from scenery for a few days as we trek to Pennsylvania. Remy and I will have filed a little paperwork, that's all. I'm not changing my name, we're already living together and have been for a while, and it's been fantastic. He's so wonderfully smart, laid-back, and charismatic; he entertains/challenges/intrigues/inspires/takes care of me, and I reciprocate to the best of my ability. It'll just keep being fantastic, with a few added bonuses. We'll get to yoink back more money from Uncle Sam next April, and we can start saying "husband" and "wife" instead of "fiancee"- the sound of that word grates on my nerves after a while, for some weird reason.

Mad last-minute cleaning spree this evening. Lots of flightiness and giggling. Inability to concentrate on or care about what I'm teaching tomorrow (woohoo- I think I'm finally learning to not care about my job, the way I used to when I was a BA/QA!). And I haven't written my vows yet, and I probably won't, either; they're probably going to be off-the-cuff. And geeky. What do you expect? We met in a Star Trek RPG community when I, as his (Vulcan) superior officer, had to chew out his character (in a calm, logical manner) for being a prick.

I love Remy. I get to keep him. That's really the most important thing.

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