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Pittsburgh Itinerary

Still rough, but here's what we've got so far:

Sunday May 7: We're driving in. I have no idea what time we'll arrive. We'll either be staying with my parents in Upper St. Clair or my sister in Bridgeville, or some combination thereof (haven't decided yet). When we arrive, I'll be calling mqstout to nail down our plans for Monday.

Monday May 8: Visit with mqstout downtown. Drag Remy through downtown, the North Shore, Oakland, and wherever else I get it in mind to go during the day. Dunno if this will continue through the night, we'll see. ;)

Tuesday May 9: Having lunch with Angela, a friend of mine since high school who is also a Pitt alumna. She now works at one of the local news stations, so I have to hear all about what that's like.

Wednesday May 10: At night, we're going to The Cheesecake Factory with my family to celebrate Mom's birthday on the 11th.

Thursday May 11: Remy and I fly back home early in the morning, arriving in Albany around 10 AM.

Other than that, our time is mostly up for grabs, though I'll warn you that I do want to spend quite a bit of time with my family (first time I'm seeing most of them in over six months, and I have to catch up on lots of Stiller celebrating that I missed in January). But there was talk of meeting up with price, if he's still game for that. And I'd try to meet with zra42 as well, but he's back in Cali by this point. ^_^*

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