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Too Cool to Last

I technically have three bosses at work.

1) The Owner. Big head-honcho guy who is based in Harrisburg and occasionally stops up to visit our training center. He's a nice guy and tries to make a point of at least listening to and following through with your concerns, at least most of the time.
2) The General Manager. The guy who's always in Albany to breathe down our necks, heh. Admits he's "grossly overpaid" for what he does, but enough of that. I don't interact with him much.
3) The Operations Manager. I report directly to this person. She is basically in charge of riding herd on the instructors and making sure we can do our jobs.

Recently, the Ops Manager we'd had for several months stepped down to be an instructor again. So we got a new Ops Manager, who's been around for two weeks. I already really like the woman, and here's one example of why:

In the instructor break room, we have a bunch of these printed out and posted on the walls. We tend to bitch and moan a lot, and the old Ops Manager insisted we decorate the walls, so that was how we decided to do it. (There's also a big picture of Trogdor that I drew.)

Well, the last time the Owner stopped in to visit, he saw our decorations and was pissed about them. Never mind that the sales staff has also printed out pictures from the same site- on the color printer, no less- and posted them in the sales office. And never mind that we look at them and laugh, and don't really take them 100% seriously. He was mad enough about them that he told the new Ops Manager to make us take them down.

Now, generally, when the Owner says "Jump," we all have to ask "How high?" Not so the new Ops Manager. Her response to his demand was, "No. The instructors will take them down when they're ready to."

So yeah, I really like her. Too bad they're probably going to want to fire her for being so reasonable.

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