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Big balls and liquid crack

Stephen Colbert has the biggest balls in the world for pulling this off.

If you can't watch the videos for some reason, at least read what this guy had the blessed cojones to say at the White House Correspondence Dinner, often while looking Bush dead in the eye. Audience members were either ROFL or passing looks that read, "That man is so about to get shot by the Secret Police." Bush and his wife were not amused, judging by their expressions afterward. The truthiness hurts, don't it?

Also, I ordered a case of liquid crack because I'm jonesing for it. Alas, I can't just run out and buy any. But they do have Green Mountain almost-the-same-things at the Mobil down the street that are only like $1 each, so I'll probably run out and grab one of those soonish.

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