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Lookit the shinies! Ruby and the like

Saw ellie yesterday, woohoo! That was fun, as always. =) New Dr. Who episode will be downloaded soon, and Numb3rs, for the first time in ages, didn't suck. Huzzah.

So, I did get a nice raise- about 10% all-told. Despite that, I'm not dissuaded from checking out other job prospects. There's this game developer in Troy, for instance, that needs someone for web-based programming. Specifically, Ruby on Rails, about which I knew jack and shit an hour ago. But I read through a few tutorials, and damn, does it look fun. You can get a database-driven website up and running with two command line statements, no joke. Of course, you have to get the database set up and then you'll probably want to play around with web templates, but so much of the setup crap is abstracted. It's really a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I was kinda surprised, because when I applied, they wrote back asking if I knew RonR, PHP, things like that. And I was honest- I told them no, but that I was good at picking up new languages. Usually, this means I don't ever get a response back- they don't want someone who can learn, they want someone who knows. I knew I was shooting myself in the foot there, and I wasn't bothered about it. This looks like a neat place to work, but I'm not desperate to work there- and besides, if I lied and they hired me, they'd find out pretty damn fast that I didn't have a clue, heh. But, to my immense surprise, they wrote back and asked me to look into RonR, see what I think.

I wonder if they're having a hard time filling that position, and if so, why? Just a lack of people with that sort of experience, or might it perhaps be indicative of that place not being so great to work at? I dunno, and really, I'm not worried about it right now. I'm going to see if I can get Zaal set up for development (just need to get Rails and MySQL, I think; Ruby ships with OS X), slap together something quick and simple in SQL/RonR tomorrow, and send it off to them to prove my worthiness, heh. ; )

I was good today, because I got a lot of the cleaning of my apartment and car out of the way in anticipation of the parental units visiting Albany next weekend. Remy was a huge help in this endeavor, and I'm of course very grateful for that.

I was bad today, because I splurged on a Photoshop book. It is, I believe, the one Photoshop book in all the universe that concentrates on using the program for drawing/painting and not for photo manipulation. Realistic portrait-like painting, even- the kind of shit you see in museums and on the front cover of old AD&D books. My style has always been far more comic-bookish, heh, but I certainly wouldn't mind picking up new techniques- particularly on coloring hair and fabric. I'll be keeping the receipt, as Remy made a very valid point: I can probably write the book off with next year's taxes, as the book relates to my job. I do teach Photoshop every now and then (kinda rarely, actually, and it's all photo manipulation... shut up, you).

So, to sum up my free time lately, I've been rediscovering old pasttimes (like drawing- really should get more of my artwork off the Windows box and into my LJ gallery) and getting into new ones (like Ruby on Rails- although, technically, getting back into programming in general is an old pasttime too). And cleaning like there's no tomorrow. =)
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