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Artsy Stuff

Important to note that I did NOT draw this one- I only colored it in. I don't even know what the picture is from. When I last taught Photoshop, I mentioned that I usually used the program to color in line art and didn't do a heck of a lot of photo manipulation, so some of my students wanted to see a coloring demo. I needed an example image to work with, so I did a Google Image Search for "line art" and found this fella. After demo-ing a bit of my mad coloring skillz (ya right), I decided I was having way too much fun with it, so I went full-tilt and finished the thing. I wish I could take credit for the actual artwork, but alas, I can't, and don't know whom to give credit to! Whoever you are, wherever you happen to be, you rock.

I am working on a fair bit of original art, too. I'm revamping some of my RPG user icons, and also making a bunch for ellie. When I get more of those done, I will share. Exactly zero of you minus ellie care, I know, but I'm proud, damn it.
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