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So, I guess I didn't need to burn an unpaid day off today- the cable people turned on the service and never so much as rang the doorbell- but I don't regret the day away from work, in which I accomplished the following:

  • Picked up a certified letter, got a stamp book, and mailed out a package to Krissy
  • Vacuumed the bedroom (Sephie hid under blankets for a good hour afterward)
  • Applied to three jobs (wrote custom cover letters for each one- blech, I hate those)
  • An assload of needlepointing (I'm making a small cross-stitch pattern for my mom for Mother's Day)
  • Replaced the toggle buttons on my one sweater with nicer-looking circular silver buttons
  • A load of laundry (still have to put it up)
  • Made sure I knew where my divorce decree was
  • Made sure the tights I want to wear with my wedding dress didn't have runners in them (they didn't- DKNY tights are wonderful. You pay for them out the nose, but they're worth it.)
  • Took a shower
  • Hit the ATM (a lot more money comes out when you do that, go figure ;) )
  • Insane amounts of Star Trek RPGing

All day, I was powered by Dunkin Donuts coffee, waffles, a matzo, and cashews. Until I had leftover Vietnamese not too long ago. Boo-yah.

Tomorrow, I go to work but I don't teach. Since cross-stitching and job-hunting would probably be frowned upon, I'm going to instead concentrate on artwork (I owe ellie a ton of user icons, heh) and relearning some of my programming. [GEEK] I'd like to remember enough Perl to help Remy with a website he's putting together, and would also like to throw together some JavaScript so he can have alternate CSSs that will load automatically based on a user's browser and OS. Throwing together a simple app in Java or C++ is a stretch goal, if I happen upon enough time and creativity to think of something to code. [/GEEK]

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