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Not a prank, actually, just an update

Krissy's pathology report finally came back. Out of three possible verdicts (benign, borderline, or malignant), her tumor has been classified as borderline. Meaning that, since all the affected organs are now out, she's probably just fine. But they will probably be monitoring her closely from now on, just to make sure nothing actually malignant crops up. Worst, worst case scenario, they'll have to do a hysterectomy several years from now. But no one's really expecting that.

So, it's not the 100% good news we were hoping for, but it's pretty good news nonetheless. If it had been malignant, she'd have to stay in the hospital and start chemo. As it is, they released her this morning, and she's back home with Mom and Ray. Still off her feet, obviously, but home is definitely better than the hospital. ^_^

Meanwhile, I started getting my medical bills. I had two ER visits, if you'll recall. $100 copay for each hospital visit... and $744 for each ambulance ride. =O At least, my insurance should be covering some of that, but I have no idea how much.


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