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March = Worst Medical Month Ever

My sister had surgery yesterday, to remove a mass of cells that had formed on one of her ovaries. Still unknown if the cells are cancerous- so far, all signs point to no, but we're still awaiting the biopsy results- but she was in pain, so the thing had to come out. The doctors weren't sure they'd be able to save the ovary, and my sister was understandably nervous about that going in. Well, it turned out that the damn thing was so big that neither ovary could be saved.

I found out about it yesterday, and spent most of the night crying and worried about her. Remy and Ellie were complete darlings, though, so my night wasn't totally miserable. Krissy didn't hear the news until this morning- and, obviously, she had a very hard time with it at first. I got to talk to her this afternoon, once she'd calmed down and visited with Mom. She's feeling good physically and is a lot more upbeat about things- thank goodness, she didn't end up with a clueless doctor, and her nurses and boyfriend have been amazingly sweet and supportive- and I'm feeling better too, but, still. I wasn't sure if I'd be making an emergency trip back to Pittsburgh this weekend or not, but it looks like I'm not. Though I might head out there a few days in April to see her, if I find a good enough deal on airfare. Because of my medical mishaps, my teaching schedule has been cut back drastically. There are some weeks where I'm not teaching at all, which means my bank account will be sad, but my sanity sure won't mind overly much. ;) Because of her medical mishaps, she isn't planning to return to work anytime soon. Maybe not ever, at least to that job. She's been temping at the same place thanklessly for four years; bastards refuse to take her on full-time. So, she's considering going to school on a full-time basis, which would help her get her law degree a bit faster.

Anyway, at least with medical technology being what it is these days, she won't have to go through menopause (hooray for hormone replacement), and can still have a baby if she wants one later. In fact, I'm probably the best candidate as egg donor- so now I have double the responsibility to keep mine in Grade-A condition, heh ;) And there's always adoption, aside from that. Remy was adopted- I knew that- but I didn't know until yesterday that Ray had been adopted too.

Ah well. I'm home, I have a Remy, I don't have to go to work tomorrow, and New York State sent two more canvass letters about two other IT Specialist jobs at two other departments, both of which pay way more than I make right now. One of these three has to pan out, yes? ;)

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