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Yup, again

So, my Keppra perscription ran out on Sunday. Several days beforehand, I'd called the hospital on two separate occasions, requesting a refill, but no one got around to mailing one to me. Well, it does seem that a few days without Keppra makes a difference. I had another seizure today, this time right in front of my class.

It was shortly after lunch; we'd returned to discuss VBA coding when I felt my aura hit. I even told my students as much- that I wasn't feeling well and was epileptic, so bear with me. I managed to sit myself down- normally I stay on my feet while I teach, especially when I get all rabid and excited about programming, hehe- and I remember one of my students asking if I wanted to take a break. I asked them to just give me a minute.

Next thing I knew, I was being loaded into an ambulance.

Apparently, this time it was both tonic and clonic, meaning I stiffened up and then thrashed around. If I did, though, I apprently didn't hit myself on anything, 'cause I'm not sore. But from what I've heard, I apprently freaked my students right the fuck out, heh.

I have to say, the people at work took good care of me. One of the sales reps drove down to the hospital to be with me until Remy, who was teaching at another facility, could arrive (two other sales reps drove out to retrieve him). And my boss called not long ago to say that my teaching schedule is clear for the rest of the week- and they don't even expect me to show up at the office.

As it turns out, today is the day I had my MRI scheduled anyway, so I managed to kill that second bird with this stone. ;) The MRI was noisy and cold, but not at all freaky. Small spaces don't scare me in the least. The only sucky thing is that I wasn't able to see any brain pictures, heh. I may get to at some point, if I request films to be reviewed by my PCP, but as previously mentioned, I don't even know if the freaking woman exists.

At any rate, I'm drowsy and out of it, but okay. And I'm most definitely more serious about finding another line of work. Not just 'cause I'm getting tired of teaching, but also because it's not really fair to anyone involved, having to cut classes short and send students home and reschedule with them because I'm prone to these things. I'm going to look into the unemployment laws and see if I can draw unemployment due to medical reasons. That'll give me time to find another job without having to keep teaching and possibly losing it again.
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