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A day of good news and goodies =9

* Did much better on my CompSci midterms than I had anticipated! Got a 79 in database engineering; not bad considering the high score was 82. My score curves to an A. As for my two algorithms tests, I got an A on the first and an F on the second... which mysteriously balances out to a B average, heh. As long as I keep turning in homework, I should get a B or C overall and, as we all know, "Cs get degrees." It'll be a shame to break my 4.0 in computer science so late in the game. Oh well, what can you do?

* Got my application for graduation taken care of, for the most part; just have to turn it in now. There are so many forms to fill out! I was kinda surprised. I had imagined that all I had to do was stop into the appropriate office, let them know I wanted to graduate in April, and they'd fiddle with their records for 30 seconds and that'd be the end of it, hehe.

* thedemonprist got the pic I drew her of Tatsumi from Yami no Matsuei. ^_^ I've never seen the anime before, but after seeing so many very nice bits of artwork, I'm strongly tempted to. In a happy but bizarre instance of postage ESP, I also got a package from her today: a really nifty art book from the Tomb Raider comic. I don't follow the comic, but the artwork is just lovely!

* Finished reading a trio of Robert A. Heinlein stories: The Puppet Masters, Double Star, and A Door into Summer. They were all great, but A Door into Summer was my favorite by far- fun for cat-lovers and sci-fi nuts alike, and I'm both. ^_^ Heinlein seriously rules. I've also read Starship Troopers, Stranger in a Strange Land, and All You Zombies. I'd recommend any of them to anyone needing a good sci-fi fix. Next I'm moving on to his Friday. After that, I think I'm gonna give H. P. Lovecraft a try. He comes highly recommended by my friend Josh, who has very good taste in books and movies.

* Mutti ist von Deutschland zurueckgekommen (Mom's back from Germany), and she brought home lots of nummy chocolate and marzipan and cookies. =9 I plan on taking a box of cookies to work; one of my coworkers graciously brings in cookies for us to nosh on just about every day, so I'd like a chance to return the favor. I had asked Mom to look for some Ayumi Hamasaki CDs while she was there, hoping that they'd be easier to come by in Europe than they are in the States, but no dice. Doesn't matter, though; she might be going to China and Japan on business in December, so if that's the case she ought to be able to get them from the source! ^_^ Plus all kinds of other crap I'll want her to bring home, LOL... she's going to need another suitcase or five. ;)

Anyway, I have at least three school projects that warrant my immediate attention, so I'm gonna plug away at those as much as I can tonight. I've been in a creative mood lately... but it's one of those moods that doesn't want to manifest itself into anything.

Do you want me to write something?
Do you want me to draw something?
Mehhh... no.
Schoolwork, then?
Shyah, right!
Then WHAT the heck do you WANT from me?!

It's not pretty inside my head!

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