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I'll take MY money back, thank you!

Bwahaha! I have pwn3d my job and the government today.

I have a paid day off work- my only day of not-teaching for the next three weeks or so- so I figured today was the day to get my rear into gear and file my tax return. Normally, I get my mom's help on this sort of thing, and TurboTax's. But this year, I changed jobs, moved to another state, and got divorced. I didn't really know how to deal with all those added complications, so I went to H&R Block.

I paid $199 for their services and for a three-year guarantee (basically, if they screwed up my return and I get audited, they pay the additional fees/taxes for me). And, as it turned out, I made out like a bandit this tax year. I owe seven bucks to NY State. Pennsylvania owes me over a hundred, and the federal government owes me over nine hundred. w00t! Plenty of cash to put aside in savings.

Hrm... now that I have over forty userpics, I should really get to work making a pwnage icon, heh heh. Plus there's a few roleplay characters who deserve one, if I stop being lazy about drawing... ;)

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