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Health Spam

Since I had time and opportunity today, I tried to inform my primary care physician about the ER visit last week. This resulted in me being placed on hold for ten minutes through a muzak rendition of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise, only to find out that the contact number for my PCP as listed on my health insurance website is wrong, and my doctor was not reachable at that number.

But enough of that. Thinking about that last sentence for too long might give you all seizures.

Anyway, since I've had it in on the brain (no pun intended), I've been researching seizures and epilepsy in general. I found one page that explains pretty well the type of seizure I had (except mine was purely tonic and not clonic; and I got the cyanosis, headache, and confusion, but nothing else), and another that's eerily dead-on about the auras (partial seizures) I've been having on a far more regular basis (I posted about them specifically here and here; I'm going to comb my archives for other places I may have mentioned them, though, so I can get a better fix on when I first began to have them).

This one paragraph from the aura page, especially, struck a chord (emphasis mine):

"Intellectual auras have to do with higher-order functions such as language and complex thought. Language disorders during auras include word-finding difficulty, impaired comprehension during a conversation, or substituting another word for the desired word (for instance, saying "chicken" instead of "children"). Auras of thinking include crowding or acceleration of thoughts, forced thinking (not being able to control your thinking, like getting one word or phrase stuck in your head), and other changes in quality of thought."

Sounds pretty darn familiar! It's comforting, in a way, to know that I'm not the only one who's experienced that.

As far as treatment goes, I've been put on Keppra (1000mg a day), and will get an MRI and EEG by May at the latest. I'm especially psyched about the MRI; I hope they let me take a video of it home, or at least let me see it. 3D brain pictures are freakin' cool!

I've also been checking up on laws and future health issues. Like not being allowed to drive- for the next six months according to the neurologist, for the next twelve months according to the NY state law thingies I've found. It's only been a week, and no driving for a week has been painful! =\ Though hopefully, the fact that I have a very pronounced aura- and, hence, a big warning sign about oncoming seizures- will get me some leeway.

Also, since Remy and I are planning to sprog at some (far off, lol) point in the future, I was curious/worried as to how likely it'd be that I could pass this on to a kid. Fortunately, it doesn't seem likely. According to the info I've found, every child has a 1% chance of developing epilepsy, and in the case of one parent having it, that likelihood jumps to- drumroll- 3%. So, not by much at all. In the midst of discovering this, though, I learned that the medication I'm on isn't yet definitively declared "safe" during pregnancy. So, planning and stuff will have to be a little more precise so I can get off the meds/change to a different one well in advance, but I was anticipating a fair degree of planning in the spawning process anyway, so no biggie. ;)

And, as a last note, I'm considering getting some medical ID bling. Just a pendant engraved with my major malfunction and the meds I'm taking, heh. I'll wait, though, to see if the doctors are going to keep me on those meds on a permanent basis, and to see if I really truly have epilepsy, or just some kind of "seizure disorder." And, yes- I asked my sister, who once trained with EMTs- they actually do check for those before beginning emergency treatment.

I apologize for obsessing over this. I was just always used to thinking of myself as perfectly healthy, no medical problems, but now, that's changed. From here on out, I actually have to give a shit about how good my health insurance is, how good my perscription drug coverage is... hell, even how good public transportation to a specific location is. (please oh please don't let that be permanent! I like driving, damn it!) And, I have to worry for future progeny. I mean, I always had to worry about how screwed up they'd be because of me, heh, but this is an extra added bonus.
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