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Cool Things

1) It is Friday. It is so nice outside. And I am not teaching. Instead, I'm reviewing CSS for an upcoming class, and learning a couple of neat things about it that I didn't know (like specifying z-indexes for stacking order of elements on a page- that is sweetness!).

2) I finally have my divorce decree in hand! My mom gave it to Krissy, who Fed-Exed it to me yesterday. The really wild thing? According to this certificate, I was officially pronounced divorced on April 27, 2005. I didn't realize the significance of this date until Remy looked at it and said, "Best birthday present ever!"

That's right- I officially got divorced on Remy's birthday! If I were superstitious or one to look for omens, I'd take that as a good sign.

3) Remy and I are going to Pittsburgh! (late) May 7th through (early) May 11th. mqstout, we are so visiting each other, it's not even funny. I'm very psyched for this, as I've been achingly homesick lately and wanting to see my family. (At least I don't have to wait that long to see Mom and Ray- they will be dropping by for an afternoon in April on their way home from the Poconos, so that will be cool.)

4) This morning, my boss sent out an email to the entire company and the Harrisburg bigwig, thanking me for the perfect evals I achieved on the InDesign class I taught yesterday. I, for one, was floored that a) the evals were that good- I swear, I couldn't think straight yesterday and most of the sentences coming out of my mouth were flubbed, and I had to rush at the end to cram a bunch of stuff in- and b) that my boss would actually praise me in that manner. Usually, the sales staff just fellates one another with such emails; not much is said in praise toward the instructors.

That email comes at a time when I'm seriously considering another line of work- teaching, I think, has dumbed me down (no programming, mostly Office basics day in and day out =P) and made me too stressed out, which is not a good thing considering I'm now prone to seizures- and at a time when I was feeling rather unappreciated around here. So, I'm happy and very excited about celebrating over the weekend. =)

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