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No towel, need sleepy

I had one of my weird "spells" again yesterday. I get them about once every few months or so, and they're usually triggered by something I read. I get reminded of something, and that reminds me of something else, and then this huge flood of memories and related thoughts comes through and it's overwhelming to the point that it makes me dizzy and nauseated. I can't halt the process even when I know it's happening; I have to just let it take its course. It'll last for a few minutes or so, and when it's over, I get really drowsy and can't recall any of those things I was reminded of. Not one thing. Does this happen to anyone else?

Now that Krissy mopped the garage floor, the pumpkin funk is mostly gone. Yay!

Ten days 'til Halloween! =D By far my favorite holiday. You can't beat costumes and candy. I think I'm going to revive my Lara Croft costume this year. I got a set of real holsters and a pair of airguns last Christmas, so they'll add a nice touch of authenticity. ^_^ Since I started college, I've worn my TNG Starfleet outfit each year- to class and everything. But it's too depressing when I go home to help pass out candy and every kid asks me, "What're *you* supposed to be?" I'm being made to feel like a fossil before it's my time, goshdangit.

I get to go home in ninety minutes. =) Good thing, too; I need to do some cleaning around the house (Mom's in Germany on business, so things have just kinda piled up lately), not to mention my homework and such. I also gotta get my stuff together to register for spring classes tomorrow. If I get the classes I need (forget about want; this will be my last semester after all), my schedule's going to be insane some of the time and mellow the rest, but it could have been a lot worse. After that, I get to apply for graduation! Wooo!! =D
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