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More football stuff? Jeebus!

Aww! We love you, Bus!

So! I went to Cheryl's last night, and got pictures of my dress. (Thanks again, Cheryl! =) ) But I can't share any of them with you, dear friends, as I care too much about your eyesight. I'm afraid I'm so horribly unphotogenic that I probably burned a hole in the lens of the camera. Sorry! Will have to try again later.

No work today! Remy and I weren't teaching, so we took the day off unpaid. Yay not being salaried. Our plan is to have a nice breakfast out. This is the only "plan." I may also clean, 'cause that needs done. Oh, and play more Star Trek deathmatch and role-play like the dickens, because ljsim is kicking too much ass right now. And hey! We might also go to Bombers, where they'll give me a free bigass margarita just because the date on my drivers' license matches what's on the calendar.

EDIT: I run a fever now, and poor Remy must take care of me. Weeeee.

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