Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Geek Factor Five

In lighter news, I had a craving for deathmatch action, so Remy and I loaded up Star Trek: Elite Force 2 and went at. The bots are kinda erratic, though. On some maps, they're pushovers. On others, they can't be killed and wipe the floor with you. Bleh.

What I love best, though, aside from the fact that it's Star Trek and deathmatch (they call it a "holomatch"- eeee!), is the player skins. There's a male Bolian and a female Romulan- like two of my role-play characters- so I take turns playing deathmatch "as" them. It's fun. ;) The game is also very hackable, so I want to see if I can come up with my own character skins and possibly also my own map sometime in the future. Nothing can top lordjosh2004's Quake II Cathedral of Learning map, but I can try to make something decent anyhow. ;)

Yes, much geeking will abound when my (admittedly old) Windows box is back up and running. Can you believe I still haven't swapped out the Nvidia GeForce II in there?
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