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Hmm. So, without football, I find myself at a loss as to what to do with myself over the weekend. But Remy and I have made this one rather productive. Remy's apartment got a thorough cleaning, I packed up a bunch of stuff at my place and moved some of it over (what I could carry), and today we bought and assembled a new bookcase to better distribute Remy's very large collection of books and DVDs. Just wait'll my books and DVDs make it over, heh. And those are only part of my full collection, as a lot of my stuff still resides in my parents' basement in Pittsburgh.

So, I spent a lot of yesterday in an angry/depressed mood. My mom had tried to send me a large package with all kinds of Farsi books and tapes, a Farsi/English handheld translator, presents from Paris, my birthday card/money, and a Valentine's Day card/candy. I told her to mail it to Remy's place, as a) I more or less live there anymore, and b) unlike my apartment, where a package delivered to the front door has to remain outside, Remy's apartment is inside a building, so the package can sit in a foyer.

Didn't seem to help, though. I got the box on Thursday. And I do mean just the box. And some newspaper. Before I got to it, someone had cut it open and taken everything out of it.

So, I was pretty upset about that, and tried to find a number to call the post office, but all of them were 800 numbers that were going to make me sit and hold for an hour. After that, I just tried to push it out of my mind, but I really couldn't, 'cause I had to figure out how I was going to tell my mom about it. I thought of just lying at first- "Yeah Mom, everything came, thanks so much!"- but, as was pointed out to me, if she asked me anything specific about the contents, I'd have to give up the ghost.

I called her on Saturday to tell her the package was stolen. She was mad. Like, more than a little mad. She got off the phone because she was too upset to talk to me. I think she partially blames me for it, as she asked me why I had to have it sent to Remy's place when packages sent to my place always came just fine. She said she'd call back, but by that point, I was too upset myself to want to talk to her. I turned my phone off, and it's been off ever since.

I got pretty depressed at that point- about that, yes, but then I spiraled off and got depressed about everything under the sun, heh. Remy cheered me up later, but I still wasn't feeling terribly social by the evening, which is why I didn't join everyone at the club (sorry, guys!). I'm feeling much better now, but I'm still kinda peeved about all the missing stuff.

No teachie tomorrow, but I'll have to spend the time prepping (eww) QuickBooks. =\

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