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I have a dress for the wedding now. =) Not an orthodox wedding dress by any standards- it's brown and gold- but it was on sale, I didn't have to pay sales tax on it (yay tax-free week!), and I have six months to return it in case I change my mind. It reminds me a lot of the dress that the Romulan commander wore for Spock in "The Enterprise Incident." The colors aren't the same, neither is the cut, but for whatever reason, that association popped into my head. Probably because I am a hopeless, hopeless dork.

Anyway, I'm open to everyone else's opinion as to whether they like it or not. I'm not exactly the type that keeps clothing a secret until the big event. ;) Stop by sometime and remind me to show it to you, local types!

Also, Angel and Cheryl darlings: I called the United Tenants of Albany to talk about what we could do. The way it appears right now, we have, it looks like, two main courses of action: the nice and helpful route, or the unethical ball-crunch route. I'm sure you can already tell which one I instinctively prefer at this point, but I don't know if that's really the best way to go. Anyway, I plan to call you guys and let you know what I was told. Or, we can meet up and discuss it or something. Let me know if you have a preference! =)

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