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Flying solo for the next few days, as poor Remy is trapped in Harrisburg teaching Java to Navy types (a naval base in Harrisburg...?). I miss him quite a bit, and so do the cats, as evidenced by the fact that they become hyper-cuddly whenever he's away. Persephone actually slept right on my torso all night. Yes, the same kitty that hides from strangers and vacuum cleaners and freaks out if you try to pick her up. But hey, I'm not complaining- I could definitely use the extra love ;)

My teaching schedule's not too bad this week, either- just one day in Poughkeepsie, the rest in Albany. We kinda got gypped out of our weekend, though, first with an all-day meeting/awards banquet on Saturday for work (Remy won Instructor of the Year, though! =) ), then with Remy having to leave on Sunday at 2:30. Poor dear didn't even make it to Harrisburg until 11:30, and had to get up and leave for class by 6:30 this morning! Stupid Greyhound.

I may do a little shopping at some point this week (wedding dress? ^_^), but otherwise, my schedule's pretty open. I'll try to get more cleaning done and write and do needlepoint and stuff, but I won't exactly complain if anyone wants to do some visiting.

Six days until the Super Bowl! =D

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