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Procrastinating before I must study for my algorithms midterm. It's going to kick my ass no matter how many hours I slave over it, so the motivation is more or less nonexistent. I'm just not left-brained enough, damnit. >.<

Had three other midterms this week. Two were in business, so no sweat. Today's was from my database class, and, well, I'm hoping for a generous curve, heh. Overall I don't feel too bad about it; the prof is cool, but he's known for difficult exams.

It's that time of year again... stupid homecoming king/queen posters plastered on every square inch of available wall space on campus. Even worse than the lame campaign slogans is the actual election day. Candidates (most all of whom you don't know and will never see again) gather in high-traffic areas you can't bypass, then hunt you down as you pass by, shake your hand, act like you're their new best-good buddy, throw around a bunch of stupid little flyers and occasionally crappy candy, and generally whore themselves until you promise them your vote.

I have a pretty good method of avoidance. Feel free to emulate as necessary. I dress in as much black as possible (sometimes with a Star Trek t-shirt for added geekery effect), wear my sunglasses regardless of the weather, duck my head down and speed-walk through the ruckus. If I still get approached, I mumble under my breath that I already voted or something like that.

It's been four years and I still don't understand collegiate Homecoming. It's pretty damn pointless when you're only familiar with a handful of the 16,000 other students at your school. A friend of mine tried to get Darth Vader on the ballot last year. It led to a whole bunch of other people putting up posters for this or that anime hero or cartoon character. That was pretty funny.

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