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Greetings from Manhattan, all!

My closet hotel ended up being a few blocks away from Grand Central Station, near Times Square. A block or two further down, and I'd have had that huge goddamn Coke sign blaring in through my window all night, lol!

Anyway, it hasn't been as scary as I thought it'd be, but not the most fun thing either. It would've been more fun to be here with somebody instead of tramping around by my lonesome. At least I go home tomorrow, after sucking miserably at teaching QuickBooks.

[McCoy] I'm a computer trainer, not an accountant! [/McCoy]

Seriously, people, I can tell you how to take some money and throw it into an account, but I can't always tell you which account is appropriate. I took two basic courses in accounting in college; you're lucky I have even that much experience, as most instructors don't. Want accounting help? Find a CPA and leave me be.

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