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Playoffs and Things

Wee! Got to watch my first Steelers game all season, with Ellie and Remy. Ellie was ever the gracious hostess and has a lovely home, and we finally also got to meet her boyfriend Barry, who is a very cool guy. But of course, the best thing was seeing the Steelers turn a ten-point deficit into a fourteen-point victory over the Bungles! Weeeee! =D

The best play by far was the Randle-El/Roethlisberger double reverse to Cedrick Wilson for a TD, though I also loved all of The Bus' runs and the Polamalu interception/lateral pass at the end of the game, which redeemed his first half screwup. I knew the Bengals would choke in a game that really mattered. Yeah, true, they lost Palmer early, but Kitna was more than holding his own 'til the Steelers kicked it up a notch. Cinci lost this one on their own. ;)

This week is gonna be rough- Poughkeepsie Tuesday, Manhattan Wednesday, Rensselaer Thursday. But there's going to be a Friday the 13th party at Jason's apartment on Elm Street. How perfect is that?

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