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Merry Xmas, Steeler Fans!

In honor of the Steelers beating the ever-living piss out of the Cleveland Browns this Christmas Eve, I thought I'd subject everyone to the legendary Myron Cope, famous for calling Steeler games over the radio.

Myron, arguably, has the most pronounced Pittsburghese accent of anyone ever. Don't know what Pittsburghese sounds like? Well, you're about to find out.

What amuses me to no end is the fact that I understand him perfectly, but Remy, a New Yorker, can barely parse what Myron is saying. Definitely an interesting linguistic phenomenon. Pittsburghese is, actually, a completely unique English dialect that doesn't show up anywhere else in the world.

Okay, now that you're all curious, here is one of Myron's famous on-air raves about "The Bus," aka Jerome Bettis, one of the NFL's all-time leading rushers. For those who, similarly, can't figure out what's being said, I included a transcript (to the best of my ability) behind the cut. And for those begging for further punishment, the main site for the Myron Cope sound bites is here.

Myron Cope: "Aw, I'm tellin' ya, that school's out! The school bell rang! The kiddies, they all run out, hopped on The Bus, and there went The Bus steamin' out of the playground, or pl- or school yard or somethin' and three Seattle Seahawks tried to get on The Bus, and-and-and and they wouldn't open the doors for 'em- finally one of 'em bring him down!"

Isn't it just a terrible shame that I don't talk like that? ; )

Yoi and double yoi! Thanks for a great Xmas present, Steelers! (And thank you too, Chargers, for losing and giving us a better wildcard shot!) The only possible way it could've been better was for them to have beaten the Browns 57-0 instead of 41-0, heh. ; )

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