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I have pictures of some recent events here: from Krissy's Albany visit, and also my parents' wedding, which was held at a place I habitually call "home" even though I officially moved out over a year ago. It looks a lot different from when I lived there, though- Mom and Ray are home remodeling show buffs ;)

Anyway, thought you might want to see!

  • WIN

    I'm so proud of Remy. His latest YTMND is an Up-and-Comer on the main page =D And this one speaks of an unfortunate reality of everday life.

  • Shameless Plugeroo

    A YTMND Remy made, inspired by the car parked outside our apartment yesterday.

  • Wiiiiiii!

    The Wii-themed YTMNDs have been hilarious. What is Wii? Picard Paint n00b

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