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More weekend plzkthx

Today is Krissy's birthday! She's 22 now and watching the Steeler game with Mom and Ray, who's now officially part of the family. Apparently the ceremony was short but very sweet. I was promised many pictures, which I look forward to seeing. =)

Also, my Star Trek role-play characters were yelling at me for neglecting them, and those voices in your head can be damned persuasive, lemme tell you. So, Remy and I resuscitated ljsim and starshiplj. In case anyone feels like joining in, you're welcome to- and if you don't feel like rejoining, that's fine too. I just can't let characters simmer in my brain for too long, because otherwise they start vying for my attention and bickering amongst themselves and it all gets very distracting.

As of now, Steelers are up 3-0 against the Vikings- or as some of us like to call 'em, the Spermheads.

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