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Out of left field, sorta

Mom and Ray are finally getting married- tomorrow. ^_^ It's the so-many-odd-year anniversary of when they met (I think it was three years ago, but I'm not positive). Their church's pastor will be stopping by Mom's house tomorrow to officiate, and they'll be going out to dinner afterward to celebrate. Their guests: Krissy (duh) and their two best friends (a very nice couple).

So, it's weird to think about, but tomorrow I'll be getting a stepdad, two older stepbrothers, an older stepsister, and a buttload of step-in-laws and stepnephews/nieces.

I'm definitely happy for them. I like Ray a lot. At times, he's surprised me by being more of a dad to me than my actual father has been. I know it's sappy, but I cried the first time he said "I love you" to me. Sorry, but I was touched. ;)

I did know about the wedding earlier than today, but I just hadn't heard much about it, and wondered if it was still on. This is Wedding Attempt #2, after all (after Wedding Attempt #1 was botched by some icky not-yet-settled divorce details). But, it is. I'm glad that it's finally happening, but I'm sorry that I'm going to miss it.

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