Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

We have a rather ambitious schedule in mind for Krissy's last day in Albany: a nice breakfast out, a trip to the museum, wandering around downtown, visiting Crossgates (definitely a scary prospect this time of year, but, understandably, Krissy wants to see it), and going out to Abyss, because we are all so goth.

I don't imagine we'll be staying out all that late, though- Krissy's flight leaves tomorrow at 6:30, and she needs a ride to the airport at least an hour before that! No problem- I have a whole week to catch up on sleep =)

Most of my Xmas loot from my family came with Krissy, so now I have a second Terrible Towel, a small cross-stitch pattern, and gift certificates to four different clothing stores totaling more than the net worth of my current wardrobe. I feel muchly spoiled. ^_^*

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