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Memes and the Doings of Things

Naturally Smart

You're a naturally smart person. Your intelligence comes to you naturally, rather than from instruction - and you are better with applied or more real-world things... which comes in handy, here in the real world.

0% applied intelligence
40% natural intelligence

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You fit in with:

Your ideals mostly resemble those of an Atheist. You have very little faith and you are very focused on intellectual endeavors. You value objective proof over intuition or subjective thoughts. You enjoy talking about ideas and tend to have a lot of in depth conversations with people.

60% scientific.
80% reason-oriented.

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I think I'm really more of an agnostic, 'cause I ride the fence about the god issue. I just haven't seen convincing evidence either way- and I don't really care all that much, either. But hey, memes are far from scientific.

As far as life goes, it's been quite good lately. I've been getting high evaluations in my classes, Remy and friends continue to be awesome. We visited with ellie last night, which was immensely fun as always.

Upcoming events: two business trips to Rochester on the 21st and 28th (at least they're only one day each- and I might be able to get the company car to drive out there ::crosses fingers::), Thanksgiving with Remy's family, my sister's visit from December 1st through 4th, and then- oh, then- Remy and I have a week's vacation from December 5th through the 9th. =) I so can't wait for that.

A couple of old hobbies are resurfacing here and there, too. First, writing- which starshiplj and ljsim had been giving me lots of practice with- but now Remy and I are trying to get a couple of original stories down as well. Second, German. Took it in school for nine years, went to Germany twice, and I can still read and listen and understand it pretty well, but my speaking and vocabulary have gone to shit. Third, programming. After my vacation, I'm slated to teach my first-ever technical class: intro programming with Java. A five-day course, covering everything from "Hello World!" to threads and AWT. I have to refresh myself on all the behind-the-scenes details, and the exact syntax as well. Stuff I could normally look up when I don't know, but as the instructor, it'd probably help to have it down pat. ;)

Also, I bought rings for Remy and myself, just because we happened to like them. Here's Remy's, and mine. Can't wait for them to show up in the mail =)

I'm really happy/giggly this weekend. ^_^

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