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Doing about as well as can be expected. Nick lost his job yesterday. It's just as well; he was hoping to leave that firm soon anyway. He wasn't happy with the working environment there (it's a pit of paranoia- you couldn't cut a fart there unless you documented it thoroughly). Just means he has to work a little harder to find a job now. And, of course, further wedding planning/financing is on hiatus.

This morning I had a health scare. Not something I'm willing to share right now, but I've got an appointment to see a doctor soon. I'm pretty sure it won't be anything serious, but I can't completely discount the possibility either.

Have to rehearse for my interviews tomorrow. Now the pressure's really on for me to find something, heh. I'm trying my damnedest not to stress out.

Gotta go; I'm at work now and have to paper for teh printerz.

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