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1. I've been doing counted cross-stitch since I was six. I started out with the really small-count patterns (ie, the huge cross-stitch squares) and have since worked my way up to 18-count patterns. I finished a huge pattern a few months ago that took me over two years. I'm now working on another huge one.

2. I started playing piano when I was six. I stopped taking lessons at twelve, but of everyone in my family who took lessons (everyone except my dad, essentially), I'm the only one who still plays. My "playing" involves occasionally looking up a new song and memorizing it. I am also able to play songs by ear. You can play a note, and I can usually tell you what that note is.

3. I love Brussels sprouts.

4. I can twist my tongue to the left 90 to 180 degrees, but I can't twist it to the right at all.

5. Mom put an extra N in my first name so that it would "balance" better with the double N in my last name.

6. In Iran, my name is the equivalent of the American name "Daisy."

7. In eighth grade, I was in a Pittsburgh city-wide spelling bee. I was so nervous that I choked on my second word, "scissors."

8. I still have a sizable VHS collection from when I would tape shows that aired during school hours and watch them when I got home. Some of the series I taped/watched religiously were Star Trek TOS, Beast Wars, ThunderCats, Mummies Alive!, Batman: TAS, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Okay, so MST3K was on during the weekend, but I still taped it.

9. To me, the worst smell in the world is rotted-out pumpkin. Don't ask me how I know.

10. The closest thing to a nickname I've ever had is "Beast." Strangely, both my younger sister and someone in my high school physics class decided to call me that independently of one another. It only lasted a short while, thankfully.

11. I have a ni-kyu (second-degree) brown belt in Jun Fan, Muay Thai kickboxing, Kenpo, and Kali/Eskrima (Filipino weapons systems).

12. My middle name, Soheila, is my mom's first name.

13. I had my first kiss when I was eighteen. I was so paranoid about germs/herpes that I washed my mouth out afterward.

14. I cut my first tooth at six weeks, and got my adult teeth rather rapidly as well. I was done with braces by age twelve- right around the time everyone else was just getting 'em, heh heh.

15. When I once got the equivalent of a B in sixth grade, Mom sent me to tutoring. From then on I had the fear of God in me about getting anything less than As- and my next B didn't occur until college.

16. Before the AOL craze, I was deathly afraid of computers. Now I fucking pwn them with my 1337 programmer skillz.

17. Before Miusheri, my primary Internet handles were Wilykit 82 and Rogue 281.

18. I've been to eight countries/territories outside of the US (Canada, Mexico, Cayman Islands, England, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland).

19. Though unfortunately not rich myself, I went to grade school in a rich neighborhood. The 7th-8th grade middle school had its own planetarium, fer chrissake. It was awesome- spent all kinds of time there via the gifted program.

20. I was very much a tomboy. This still carries over to today somewhat, as I don't wear makeup or skirts/dresses if I can help it, I have an easier time making friends with guys than with girls, and I find most "girlish" hobbies/topics of interest vapid and mind-numbing.


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