Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,


My sister Krissy shall descend upon Albany from December 1-4! =D I'm quite excited about this. Hopefully, I'll be able to free up some time from work to visit with her on the Thursday and Friday she's here. If not, though, she can have fun downtown while I'm at work- or, she could sit in on the classes I teach those days. Hoo boy- two Lunneys in the same classroom is begging for trouble. Especially when one Lunney has just gotten off a plane, and both Lunneys are compulsive about quoting the airplane scene from Tommy Boy whenever either has the slightest excuse.

"So, what are we serving today? Chicken, or... chicken?"

See what I mean?

Also, in Steeler-y good news: Krissy's boss met Jerome Bettis on a flight, and got Krissy an autograph. ^_^

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