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Random Goods

Has Ronixis taken his cause to the streets? LOL

Anywho, life continues to be good! Halloween was pretty quiet, as our neighborhood doesn't attract trick-or-treaters, but we did a lot of roleplaying all weekend, and also got in a game of Arkham Horror. Investigators 1, Yig 0. (Do you think the Cthulhu devotional candles Remy got had anything to do with that?)

We were allowed to dress up at work yesterday, so I went in Lara Croft regalia, minus the shorts and the airguns, 'cause I figured both were equally dangerous. Especially the airguns. I mean, could you imagine the temptation? "Go to the File menu. No, the... no-" *click-click* "I said, the FILE MENU!"

Also got some snail-mail from lordjosh2004, which was very nice. I may just reciprocate in kind, heh (the postal service holds its breath in eager anticipation...)

Someone had told me once that it would be better the second time around, and boy, was she right. Being engaged is so kickass =)

And we get to see ellie this Friday. w00t!

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