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Found my checkbook! That's a relief. It turned up in my backpack just before I was ready to call the bank and stop payment on the checks (which would have been a $33 fee).

Unfortunately, the rest of the stuff we're all missing can't be located in the confines of my backpack. But I called the police Monday night, and Angel wrote a letter to our landlord to go with the month's rent checks. The letter requests some much-needed repairs around the apartment, and also lets the landlord know that we know stuff is missing, and that people (*coughprobablyhimcough*) must've been in our apartment without our knowledge for this to happen (which is illegal). I threw in a postscript about the police being notified too, heh.

So! Up one paycheck, down one voicebox. Yep, the sickness going around finally caught up with me. I'm fine for the most part, aside from sniffles, coughs, and worst off, the fact that the sounds that come out of my mouth are not terribly audible and are scarily reminiscent of Fran Drescher. Normally, not that big of a deal (even though it is rather annoying not to be able to say something when you want to). But nowadays, my job kinda hinges on my voice, so it's a bit of an issue. I had to teach all day and night yesterday, which did me no favors (at least I got the OK to let the night class go early). I have this morning off, but I teach again tonight, and then tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. Bleh. This should prove interesting indeed.

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