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What is it about short days at work that make them so frigging long? I had a headache all day and didn't feel like doing anything- not even goofing off- so I guess that was part of the problem. I was also in one of those hole-myself-away-so-I-don't-have-to-deal-with-people moods, but the day's agenda kinda interfered with that. I got out of work early, like planned, but an hour and a half later than I'd hoped for, blah.

Getting home wasn't much of a treat, either. Got one of those phone calls from Mom- one of those "I'm not gonna come out and say it directly, but I think you're doing everything in your life wrong" calls- that put me in a foul mood. And to top it off, I come home to put up dishes and start writing checks for rent and utilities, and I find that a) someone's been rooting around in my jewelry box and b) my purse is missing.

I dunno if any jewelry's missing yet (haven't checked that closely), but I sure as heck can't find my purse anywhere. It's possible that I left it at Remy's, but that's a slim possibility, as I hardly ever use it and I keep it in my room when it's not in use. As you can guess, I don't use it on a regular basis. Aside from a few items of high sentimental value (receipts for dinners on various dates and such), my checkbook and my spare car keys were the important things in there.

These aren't the only things of value that have gone missing around here; seems to be happening to my roommates as well. I really hope the landlord isn't inviting himself in while no one's home.

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