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...In Which Things Start to Look Up

For my class yesterday and today, I had six people on the roster, four of whom showed up, and two of whom bugged out early... leaving just two students, whom I tortured with SQL subqueries and expression fields, mwahahaha. Unsurprisingly, class ended early.

So, I covered the night class last night, and it went well. They're a nice group- which is good, 'cause I'll be seeing more of 'em. =P But, it won't be quite so bad as it was going to be. Basically, after talking to Remy and my mom about it, I wrote my bosses an email begging off the night class due to burnout and short notice, and offered to talk to the lady originally teaching it and try to assuage her concerns. Well, the lady absolutely refuses to teach, and they can't find anyone to cover. No one. I'm it.

But, here's where it gets interesting. Remy and I are the only full-time instructors they have. Each of us is more loyal to the other than s/he is to the company. Essentially, piss one of us off, lose both of us, which they desperately can't afford right now.

This is an implicit understanding, of course- no one has come out and said anything to this effect- but we all know it's true. So instead of being told "tough, teach it anyway," I got a few concessions out of the deal. I'll still be teaching the night class, but

a) It's being postponed a week so that I can remember what it's like to be at home every once in a while;
b) I'm getting an extra $400;
c) Three of my four day classes that week will be covered by someone else, so I'll only have one fourteen-hour day of teaching.

I'm still not completely thrilled with the idea, but it's come a long way from being the total ass-raping it was going to be before I spoke up about it. I'm really glad I took the advice I was given. ^_^ I don't often stick up for myself in these sorts of situations, but this is great encouragement for similar behavior in the future.

Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend! =)

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