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I knew it was a bad sign that the manager wanted to talk to me. This is just a shitty-ass month at work all around.

I was asked to cover a night class tomorrow night, in addition to the class I'm teaching in the morning. No big deal, right? One night class as a sub, then back to just my daytime schedule.

Well, now the teacher for the night class has called and said that she will no longer be teaching the night class- at all- because she doesn't feel as though she knows as much as the students do. (We're talking about shit that she's NOT TEACHING. So what if they know more than you about subject matter OTHER than what you're covering?)

Guess who's the only person who can take her place teaching night class all next week in addition to day classes- i.e., fourteen hour days?

*facedeskslam* *facedeskslam* *facedeskslam*
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