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Apparently, I'm making a good impression around here. One of the sales guys stopped me in the hall this morning and said, "If you wanna move down here and teach, I can arrange that." Um, nooo thanks!

I was originally hoping to do not-so-well these next few days, in the hopes that someone would look at the dip in my eval scores and say, "Whoa, we'd better not send Minna out on business trips anymore." But, damn my work ethic... I can't purposefully do a bad job. It's not any of the students' faults that I'm here; they deserve good classes. Now, at no point did I really go out of my way, or above and beyond the call of duty, but apparently I got good feedback from students anyway. Which isn't bad- it'll certainly help me earn my monthly bonus. But I hope no one gets the wrong idea and starts shipping me off to the middle of the country's asscrack on a regular basis!

I don't think they can afford to, anyway. As of the end of last week, Remy and I are the only full-time instructors left. Hmm...

Anyway, bit of a creep-out last night: I once had this student in class who, unbeknownst to me, was looking at hot intarweb pr0n during portions of class. The students sitting behind him called the next day to complain about it. So, based on that, the company asked him not to come back for the additional classes he'd been enrolled in (and ostensibly refunded anything he'd paid upfront).

Well, yesterday, this guy IMs me to tell me how "not nice and uncool" of me it was to get him kicked out of his classes.

First off, I had nothing at all to do with that. Perhaps if he'd been able to keep more blood in his brain where it ought to have been the few hours he was in my class, none of that would have happened (but hey, who'm I to ask him to take responsibility for his own dumbassery?). Secondly, good God- IM harrassment? Now, unfortunately, he had acquired my AIM screenname via legitimate means. Many weeks prior, at a different class he took, he'd asked me for contact info, and I gave my AIM screenname as a blowoff. I'm almost never on AIM (I admit this was dumb- I should've just made some shit up- but I wasn't thinking). But, since I'm no longer in town, AIM is my gateway to the folks back home. So, apparently, he jumped at the chance to IM me not once, but twice with this message (the first time I ignored it- didn't recognize his SN- the second time, when I actually opened it to read it, I realized what was going on and blocked his SN, then saved the chat log for evidence). Thirdly, it just gets creepier when I think about his creepy/flirty attitude toward me in class, making comments like "Oh, you curled your hair today" (it's naturally wavy, dumbass) or calling me over during class not 'cause he needed help, but just to show me the way he'd formatted something or other. And it doesn't help that I'm alone in an unfamiliar place while all this paranoid potential stalker shit starts racing through my brain.

I know, I watched way too much forensic television when I had cable. I know that's probably more worry than I have to have at this point, but that's my thought process. The mountain is a knee-jerk reaction that, over time, I have learned to eventually whittle down into a molehill (talking to Remy and my boss certainly helped with that). But yeah, I notified practically everyone at work about it, so with any luck, it doesn't go any further. Though the molehill turned into a small hill for a moment when my boss was talking about a possible restraining order. ^^*

Y'know, I once saw Judge Judy award a girl $1000 for harrassment she received from a guy via AIM. So in some flimsy, most likely insignificant way, I've got legal precedent on my side. C'mon, asshole, give me an excuse.

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