Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Back in *a* Burg at any rate...

So, I'm back in Pennsylvania for the next few days. Just south of Harrisburg. Took me five hours of driving, which would've gone faster if I hadn't gotten stuck behind Sunday drivers and inside one-lane construction zones. My trip took me down through New York, New Jersey, and finally into PA. I knew I was back in my sort-of native land right away. The road signs starting looking familiar (keystones denote the state roads), names on the signs looked familiar... but what really woke me up to the reality of PA was the patch of potholes I hit at 80 MPH that made me think my axles were about to bend at ninety degrees and go boomeranging across the highway.

Yes, friends, you know you're in PA the minute- nay, second- the roads turn to shit.

Granted, I'm not in an area of PA I'm really familiar with, but I find myself very much longing for New York again. For a slew of reasons, really, but Albany's grown on me and it's home, and my friends and my Remy are there. I wonder if this feeling will persist when I'm in Pittsburgh. Anyway, home would be nice. Heck, heading toward home would be nice. Wow. When your state's roads make one pine for those of New Jersey, that's some bad shit right there.

My first real business trip. The hotel's nice- I've got a view of a swimming pool that's very tempting in this 90-degree weather, but I didn't bring a bathing suit. Meh, I'm quite happy chilling in my hotel room. I'll grab dinner at some point here- and make my employers pay for it, heh heh heh. Oooh, I can't wait for that reimbursement check. Because of recent gas price increases, the compensation was bumped to $0.40 a mile.

C'mon, Thursday! (I get to go home Thursday =) )

P.S. Steelers won big time at their home opener, and New Orleans won their game too. That had to be tough for the team playing them. I mean, you wouldn't want to throw the game or anything, but could you really feel good about yourself beating the crap out of the Saints right now?

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