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O noes!

Um, everyone? Remy and I accidentally released Shub-Niggurath from her slumbers, so you're all gonna be devoured now. That is, if a zombie doesn't suck your brains out with a straw first. Sorry!

We went to Hunter's Moon this weekend (SCA event), and were camping and also spending a lot of time with Galen and Loriwynn, who run a game tent and play/sing all kinds of pretties, respectively. Remy, Loriwynn, and Dennis played extremely well together; I mostly sat and listened while cross-stitching. My viola didn't make it out 'cause I haven't practiced since Memorial Day weekend, and I was low on the kleenex that would be needed to stopper bleeding ears.

Anyway, we also played a lot of Galen's games- and bought one of them off him (our first joint purchase, wee! ;) ), a complicated but fun little gem called Arkham Horror. We played a huge group game of it there, and managed to beat the shit out of Cthulu. But then Remy and I gave it a go ourselves, and Shub-Niggurath kicked our asses. Well, we were doing well, but the horde of monsters suddenly appearing at university kinda screwed us over.

I had bad associations with Labor Day weekend going into it, but I'm happy to report that those associations no longer exist. Well, unless I get devoured. That'll kinda put a damper on things.

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