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No job stress = yay!

My car's title arrived today, yay! Now I have that, and my NYS driver's license, and my NYS insurance, so I can finally go register my car. Note: the NY license isn't nearly as pretty as the PA one, and the picture is worse, but what can you do? I'll probably go to the DMV either Monday (when I'm not teaching) or Thursday (when they're open until 6 or 7).

Speaking of not teaching, it's been a good week for that. I had no classes Wednesday through Friday, and I made pretty good use of the time. I studied Photoshop, which a) I'll have to teach from now on and b) I want to get my ACE in (Adobe Certified Expert). From what I hear, the certification exam is a bitch and a half, but the good thing about that is that this cert actually means something. Once I get it, my teaching facility can officially classify itself as an Adobe training center, and I could start looking for graphic art opportunities, just for fun. ;) Especially since my mom works at a company that manages a whole bunch of art schools. She just might hear about something.*

I also finally got my Excel certification out of the way. This time, I got to take the correct exam, lol, and it ended up being much easier than that weird beta one. 901 out of 1000- yeah, I just barely squeaked by, but now I'm certified as an Excel Expert- and along with my certs in Access, Word, and PowerPoint, I'm officially now an MOS Master. =)

And the best use of my free time this week was definitely Friday. Remy wasn't teaching, neither was I... so we just didn't go in, and treated ourselves to a three-day weekend. Had a lot of fun kicking around downtown, and we finally went to the Corning Tower observation deck. As a side note, they scan IDs before you head up- and the guard remarked about my unusual name, which led me to mention that I was half Iranian, at least some part Irish. Y'know, the whole terrorist++ thing? I wonder if they were watching me extra closely for that, lol!

Whoops- I should also mention that Wednesday was a lot of fun, too. We went to the Grind with Sarah and Dennis and continued our Truth and Justice campaign there and later in Washington Park, which has been by far my favorite pen-and-paper roleplaying experience since lordjosh2004's short-lived Dark Ages: Vampire campaign. For me, p&p needs never again be associated with forty-five minute XP calculations and zero plot/character development hacking and slashing. Joy =)

By the by, Josh, Remy and I are toying with the idea of a Boston road trip at some point. We'll let you know if anything gets set in stone!

The only not-cool thing about this week was hearing that I'm either getting shipped to Massachusetts or Harrisburg the very same week of our weekend trip back to Pittsburgh. I told them we'd be making the trip back in May, when I bought the tickets, and told them Remy and I would also have to leave a little early that Friday to catch our flight. Apparently, that note never made it into the schedule. =P They said that if I go to Harrisburg, I'll at least be done on Thursday, so that won't be a problem per se. But in the much more likely event that I'm in MA, that's a three-day thing from Wednesday-Friday (on Outlook. WTF do they want to know about Outlook that needs three days? You can't even fill two with the course material we normally use). Worst case, if they can't arrange for me to leave by 1:00 on Friday at the very latest, I'm going to cram extra material into Wednesday and Thursday so that I can. And I won't mind telling my students why: because months in advance, I spent a week's salary on tickets so that I could go visit my family for two piddling days after not seeing them for six months, and despite having told my employers, they ignored me. So, fuck it.

I won't really say "fuck." I promise.

* Mom recently got to go to an invitation-only graphics/animation exhibition in LA. Disney, Pixar, Adobe, and a slew of other companies where there demonstrating/teaching software, and also looking for people to come work for them. Sounds really cool, right? Well, get this: when she mentioned to the guy in charge of the exhibition that I am interested in that sort of thing, he said, "Well, why doesn't she come next year?" So, I get to go to next year's exhibition, which will be held in Boston. =D

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