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The easiest way to get a camel in your ice cream

Well, I'm slowly but surely learning where you can park downtown and on what day and time... at the low low price of $50 per lesson. [snark] Goddamn no parking sign hidden behind a goddamn tree [/snark]

Ah, but mochaccino has taken the edge off at least. ^_^

I have been feeling like teaching hasn't been as cool lately, and I was starting to get nervous about it, seeing as I have to do it almost every day, heh. But I've figured out what is really bothering me. Not teaching the same stuff over and over, that's not a big deal. In fact, I kinda like teaching a class I've taught before a million times, because it means that a) I'm really familiar with the software and don't have to worry about getting a question I can't answer, and b) I don't have to study for/worry about it the night before.

No, the problem is what people around here have coined The Dynamic Duo.

You see, there are these two women who have signed up for a whole slew of courses. One of them's looking to get MOS certified (like me), the other one is unemployed and hoping to train to find a better job. Each of these students, on her own, is very demanding. The first, though nice, is completely clueless. Completely. She can't even grasp the concept of placing files in folders. You guide the class step by step through doing something- asking after each step if everyone's with you- and in the middle of step four, she interrupts and asks you what step one was again. She does a lot of interrupting in the middle of you trying to talk, and asks questions that make your brain hurt. Like this gem: "Web pages? What is that?"

The other member of the Duo is the resident PITA. You can tell she's smart and very conscientious, but she's also extremely demanding of everyone's attention. She shows up late for class consistently, and demands that you place the rest of the class on hold to catch her up on whatever's being done. She pulls you aside during break and lunch to ask as many questions as she can before you manage to come up with an excuse to get yourself out of there. She wants your email address and phone number in case she has more questions. Despite all this extra back-bending I do for her (fuck no I didn't give her my phone number, BTW!), she leaves early and won't fill out a class evaluation- which is where she could return the favor by giving me high marks. And, worst of all, she retakes every single course. I thought retakes were only done in the event that someone was thoroughly dissatisfied, but somehow, she gets to come back to better absorb what she learned the first time. And when she returns, she asks all the same goddamn questions I answered the first time.

Now, as you can see, either one of these students in a class is bound to make for an interesting day. But lately, it's been the case that both of them are in the same class. The Dynamic Duo- a thing to be feared. The first time it happened, I was ready to kill someone by the end of the day. Each subsequent occurrence has been a little more tolerable, but it slowly chips away at my soul.

Oh, yeah... and have I mentioned that these two will get up and leave a class if I'm not the one teaching it? And join my class, even if I'm teaching a version of the software they don't use? *facedeskslam*

I realized this was the problem, the thing making me dread work lately, because this week I've been completely free of them both- teaching InDesign on Monday (which went better than I expected, but not fantastically), and then teaching at a facility downtown yesterday- and a lot of those feelings of stress and dread have worn away. Today I'm prepping for a two-day course I've never taught before that starts tomorrow, and I know for sure one member of the Duo won't be there, but I'm not so sure about the other. ={

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