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Yay for my sister! Krissy just bought herself a condo in a nice area of suburban Pittsburgh. So, my diabolical plans for moving her up here are foiled, hehe, but I'm very happy for her.

She'll be moved in by the time Remy and I go visiting in September, so now I'm tempted to ask if we can crash at her place for that weekend as opposed to Mom's house. But I think Mom would be pissed.

Poor Mom... she's going to be empty-nesting so badly once Krissy moves out. I know she misses me a lot. I miss her too, don't get me wrong. I think it's a lot worse for Mom because nothing went according to expectation. We all expected Krissy to be the one to pack bags and leave town the first chance she got. Mom was mentally prepared for that. And everyone thought that, though I wouldn't be living with Mom, I'd be kicking around Pittsburgh for a good long while. It's gone the complete opposite way, and that's probably exacerbating the empty nest thing.

I know Mom wants to visit me at some point, but she's got an insane travel itinerary this month. Tampa to Orlando to LA to Houston, almost one after the other. At least she gets to go to nice cities at her current job. In her previous job, she traveled mostly to middle-of-the-country's-asscrack factory towns. Sometimes she went to Germany, though. *shrug*

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