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I know! Let's blame the IT people...

Good thing I didn't get that cafe mocha I'd been wanting today. The shit we had to deal with at work today woulda really harshed my caffeine buzz. The short of it: this lady wanted us to fix something for her that was totally not within our scope to do- but of course we're the easy scapegoat if anything remotely dealing with computers goes wrong. The problem was compounded by the fact that she has a stick the size of Utah lodged permanently up her ass, and perceives herself as having "authoritah." Self-important wench. It's because of her reluctance to do her own goddamn job that I have yet to see a paycheck, and won't until the end of October at the earliest.

And what's really hilarious is that her office is strewn with "Jesus Loves Me" signs and crosses and all that. Doesn't Jesus tell you to love thy neighbor, you hypocrite? Man. Just goes to show it's true what they say: that going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Every day I'm gladder and gladder that I turned Deist.

I really don't mind resolving computer issues- even boneheaded ones. In fact, I like being helpful and showing people that their computers aren't big scary monsters liable to explode if they press the wrong button. But if you're gonna ask me for help and then cop a 'tude the whole time, then forget it. Figure it out your own damn self.

Hoo boy! Now we have to deal with this laptop that got returned to us with a cracked screen. I swear, it looks like a car winshield after someone takes a hammer to it. What do these people do with these computers?

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