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Remy's stuck teaching night class again for the next two weeks, poor thing. Maybe more if they feel like being assholes. I'm sorry, but is a regular eight-hour workday too much to ask?

Also, our landlord's been a dick lately. Stopping by unnanounced, claiming we leave trash out on the wrong nights and don't clean up after our cats, claiming I never signed a lease (?!), and saying he'll board up the door to the roof if we leave lawn chairs out on it. We also think he's been coming into the apartment when no one's home. For the first few months, no problems, and now this shit. We suspect that maybe, he's found a buyer for the storefront on the first floor, and that the buyer doesn't want tenants on the second floor, so he's fishing for excuses to break the lease.

I'm scared about that. I don't want to leave the apartment. It's really nice, and in a really damn good location (just down the street from Dunkin Donuts, Lark, the Plaza, and of course Remy's place, hello?).

Now, chances are I'm worrying over nothing. I admit I have an unfortunate tendency to do that. Maybe our landlord's just PMSing or something. Or maybe it's male menopause, who the fuck knows?

Our plan for now is to get a cheap webcam and at least figure out if he really is coming to the apartment without anyone around.

Oh yeah, and he's also pinpointed the source of a leak to the first floor: the pipes behind my closet. He'll be by tomorrow to work on it. Fuck. All day tomorrow I get to think about him rifling through my closet and will have to try in vain to dispel many sick and nasty images that are already invading my skull. I'll be kind enough to spare you from them.

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