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After watching the news last night, you'd think we were Pittsburgh, South Carolina or something.

Everyone was freaking out about how we'd be hit with torrential rain and 50-70 MPH winds because of Isabel. Seventeen area schools canceled classes for Friday. Mom and Krissy were anticipating that they'd get a free day off work out of the deal too, and that I might not have to go to school either. I was skeptical- I mean, aren't we too far inland for that?- but hey, a day off is a day off.

So I wake up this morning, expecting all hell to be breaking loose as promised, but instead I'm treated to the normal getting-ready-in-the-morning noise: namely, my sister blasting her country music. I was like, what's up with this?

Turns out everyone was blowing it all out of proportion. All we've gotten from Isabel is rain. Like that's anything new. I heard from someone that we had like nineteen rainless days this summer.

So I'm at work right now... good thing about working at a university is that Friday may as well be a day off, hehe. How else would I have time to sit here typing? ;) Don't have too much planned for the weekend... especially not if Nick is still sick (he caught some kind of cold from his mother). I am hoping to buy bowling shoes, though. No sense forking out money for rental shoes every other week now that I'm in a league.

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