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Yay long weekend!

Much needed long weekend, might I add. ;)

Been making the most of it so far! Saw Batman Begins with Remy, which was a lot of fun, and I spent whole gobs of money. We're talking serious gobs. For you see, my friends, right now in my lap I have a brand spankin' new 12" PowerBook G4. Oh, he's a pretty one. Following my naming convention of Farsi letters, I have hereby dubbed him Zaal. He's been awesome so far, and I look forward to getting Alef (my iPod) working with him. =)

So, no more toys for Minna for a while. But I think this was a worthwhile grab. 'Specially 'cause now I've got wireless Internet, woohoo!

One kinda scary thing at the mall, though... at one store, Remy and I heard Christmas carols.

Yes, already.

I'm also rather excited about a few recent happenings. For one, I got my big cross-stitch framed, and it looks great. I'll need to snag pictures. Also, starshiplj's been awesome lately, and following on our rapport there, Remy and I are thinking of co-writing something. 'Twill be shared here for mass consumption, of course.

And I've got a couple of original works that are either 99% done (like the mega Ronixis MST), or are completely done and awaiting final proofing. I'll get that story out when I'm satisfied that I didn't half-ass the ending.

Have fun this weekend, everyone! =)

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