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Trying to post with sleepy kitten on my lap, hehe! ^_^

Yes, for those who don't yet know, the apartment was blessed with yet another feminine presence, lol, this time in the form of A Cuddly Little Ball of Fluffy Love named Litha. Seven weeks old, cuter than sin, the self-made Conqueror of Plastic Bags and Bare Feet. One of Angel's coworkers was looking for a home for her, and Angel (and later Cheryl and I) were happy to oblige. =)

Must get Litha pictures before she grows up!!

But at any rate, I do have pictures of the Tulip Festival, which happened like a month or two ago, hehe, but the pictures are lovely. Do have a look!


(I think as long as you're in my Friends list, the above link will work- if not, hunt me down and shoot me plz k thx)

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